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The Firearms Trainers Association (FTA) is an organization founded by five of the most well respected and distinguished professional firearms trainers in the world. FTA has established for its members the only stable insurance in the firearms industry available to trainers without a mandate to train under one system. This insurance is not subject to political changes, protest or tragic event. It exists for the purpose of protecting the interests of its firearms associations. This comprehensive suite of insurance services is provided for firearms trainers working in the industry.

The purpose of FTA is also to protect the profession of firearms training through safety and risk management standards, business development services, and curriculum certification. The FTA Firearms Trainers will provide content that has been vetted, is reliable and trustworthy in addition to being tactically sound. FTA will serve as the industry leader in providing professional development to trainers through resources, networking, marketing assistance (including joint marketing initiatives), web content consulting, video safety briefings from Board Members, and legal forms for Waivers of Liability, and other business related forms as well as use of the FTA logo in marketing and training materials.

No. The FTA is eager to welcome you to its membership community without inviting divisiveness, and celebrating the opportunity to provide you the services outlined in this Terms of Service Agreement and plan descriptions to include liability insurance that does not require you to teach certain certified courses.

All “Covered Members” must agree to these Terms of Service and acknowledge that the Covered Member is not prohibited to be in possession of a firearm.  Your membership could also be terminated if it is determined that you are currently or have in the past been involved in criminal conduct, unprofessional conduct, unsafe practices as an instructor or any issues determined to be detrimental to the profession by the founding board. 

The membership comes with this insurance backed protection: Commercial General Liability with a Professional Liability endorsement. This policy will cover general liability (claims such as slip and falls, damage to property, etc.). The membership comes with this insurance backed protection: Commercial General Liability with a Professional Liability endorsement (This will cover general liability claims such as slip and falls, damage to property, etc.).

The FTA is the insured in its membership benefits are funded through to a captive insurance and Port Royal reinsurance

No. Each trainer must have his or her own membership. Your membership does not cover those other instructors working with or under you.

Professional liability endorsement covers property damage and personal injury arising from Professional Liability. This covers claims of negligence associated with negligent training, violations of standards, injury to students, bystanders, other students or instructors, negligent retention and hiring.

ALL ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGES: FTA will provide the services or coverage if the incident is unintentional and considered an “Accidental Discharge”.  This includes the unintentional use of any other legal weapon or force.

Civil liability coverage stemming from an incident or claim offers coverage of $1,000,000 per incident or each claim, and $2,000,000 in the aggregate. Litigation fees and expenses are separate from the $1,000,000 liability coverage. For example, the fees and costs of litigation do not consume your $1,000,000 in civil damages protection.

No. Insurance is provided to the “Covered Member” through FTA by 2A Insurance, a Captive Insurance company reinsured through Port Royal Captive Re-Insurance. The “Covered Member” upon joining also acknowledges that this is not an insurance product. 

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